An Orthodontist Specialist of Dallas Makes Dread Appointments Entertaining

Orthodontist specialists of Dallas see children daily who need braces due to misaligned bites or other functional issues. Around 45% of kids need help to fix these alignment issues. However, it’s estimated that more than 75% of children between 9-14 years old can benefit from these devices.

It’s always best to utilize braces at a younger age, but they can benefit anyone with a misalignment. When baby teeth invade the spaces in the mouth, the adult teeth must push into any open areas. Sadly, these misaligned teeth create problems with the jaw, causing an over or underbite.

The teeth are a big part of the digestive process, as digestion begins in the mouth. Canines tear food, and molars crush it so the stomach can properly digest it. When an alignment issue is present, food isn’t digested properly, which can cause excessive gas and stomachaches.

Parents often fear their child will be made fun of and called “metal mouth” if they have braces, but there are so many choices these days that metal varieties are avoidable. Braces allow teeth to come into perfect alignment, so speaking, eating, and cleaning them is more manageable.

While many children fear the dentist or orthodontist’s office because of drills, needles, and the dreaded chair, some centers have learned how to combat these issues. Wouldn’t it be amazing to go to an orthodontist specialist of Dallas with a movie theater, free toys, and ample video games to occupy the child’s mind?

For a fun trip to the orthodontist where children aren’t afraid and dreading the appointment, contact Rio Dental & Orthodontics. Visit for more information!

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