How Pediatric Dentists in Wheaton Diagnose Causes of Bleeding Gums

It is essential for both your child’s dental and overall health to undergo regular dental examinations. While minor bleeding is not uncommon during brushing or flossing, heavy or uncontrollable bleeding from the gums requires prompt dental evaluation. Here are some ways your child’s pediatric dentist in Wheaton can diagnose the cause of their bleeding gums to implement an effective treatment plan.

Medical and Dental History

Before conducting a comprehensive dental examination, the pediatric dentist will inquire about your child’s medical and dental health. For instance, they may ask if your child takes medications, as certain over-the-counter and prescription drugs can lead to abnormal bleeding, including bleeding from the gums. The dentist might also inquire if your child has recently recovered from an infection, as certain infections can impact blood platelets, resulting in unusual bleeding.

Comprehensive Oral Examination

The pediatric dentist in Wheaton will carefully examine your child’s teeth and gums, and may also take x-rays. During the examination, the dentist will assess the gums for inflammation, bleeding, and gum retraction. The teeth will also be examined for evidence of calculus buildup, which can trigger gum inflammation and bleeding. If the dentist identifies gingivitis as the cause of your child’s bleeding gums, they may recommend a professional teeth cleaning appointment. If no dental cause is found, the dentist may refer your child back to their pediatrician for further evaluation.

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