Restore Dental Appearance and Function With Dental Implants in Bellaire, TX

by | Nov 22, 2023 | Dentist

Losing a tooth because of an accident, decay or dental disease once meant having to undergo long sessions in the dental chair, fitting crowns, bridges or dentures that often didn’t provide good service. Dental implants revolutionized restorative dentistry, by allowing the placement of prosthetic teeth that provided service that was on a par with natural teeth.

Understanding Dental Implants

A dental implant is substitute for a natural tooth. It uses a titanium screw that is allowed to heal into the tissues of the jawbone that serves as the new “root” of the tooth. A prosthetic crown is placed on top of this imbedded screw. The result is a new “tooth” that is firmly set into the jaw and acts like a real tooth. Whether you need a single tooth, a series of teeth or full-mouth restoration, dental implants can give you a beautiful smile that function much like your natural teeth.

What’s the Process of Placing Dental Implants?

The placement of dental implants takes some time and requires a certain amount of commitment to the process of healing while the devices become well established in the jawbone. Your dentist will determine the right dental implants for your needs. Removal of the broken or damaged tooth may be part of the procedure. Your dentist may also recommend grafting to ensure your dental implant is successful. Then, the implant will be affixed into the jaw. After several months of healing, the dentist will attach the crown of the tooth onto the implant, completing the placement process.

Dental implants in Bellaire, TX provide individuals with replacement teeth that look and function like natural teeth. If you are in need of dental restoration, your local dentist, can provide information about dental implants that can help restore your appearance and tooth function.

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