Why Dental Implants in Fredericksburg Are So Popular

by | Oct 3, 2022 | Dental Care

Nothing is better than natural teeth, but dental implants in Fredericksburg are the next best thing. They are designed to feel, function, and look like natural teeth to make smiling much more comfortable. The teeth replacement option is preferred more than other options. What makes them popular?

Natural Look and Feel

The fact that they look, feel, and function like natural teeth is the main reason many make implants their choices for teeth replacement. Those who opt for dentures worry about them falling out, but an implant won’t do that as it is attached. There’s no more worrying about smiling or engaging in social activities.

Improved Ability to Chew and Eat

Other teeth replacement options aren’t anchored into the jawbone like the natural teeth. Other options may include a few forbidden foods, such as crisp apples or corn on the cob. Since implants function like teeth, they allow for a natural chewing process.

High Success Rates

Dental implants in Fredericksburg have a much higher success rate than other teeth replacement options. After leaving the dentist, they don’t need more care than natural teeth to keep them in great shape. With proper care and maintenance, they will last as long as other teeth restoration options, sometimes even longer.

Improved Bone and Tissue Health

Over time, they also help preserve the jaw bone and reduce the deterioration of tissue and facial bones. Bone resorption is common when teeth are missing, but surgical implants help preserve bone structures. Implants also preserve natural tooth tissue since adjacent teeth aren’t cut down like they are for bridgework.

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