Why Implants are an Option for Tooth Replacement in Waikiki

The question of finding the right prosthesis turns up quickly when teeth are so poor that they fall out one by one. Which Tooth Replacement in Waikiki option should be chosen? A bridge, a partial denture or implant-supported dentures?

This article summarizes a few reasons why people should opt for implant placement, whether there are single or multiple missing teeth.

Improves oral and overall health

Implants are artificial tooth roots. They not only serve as a holder for dentures but offer much more. They literally replace the tooth root by taking over the tooth’s functions, growing into the jaw and supporting the mouth.

Their firm anchoring in the jaw gives them a distinct advantage: bone resorption, which usually occurs after the loss of a tooth, is contained. This is because the artificial tooth root continues to burden the jaw and, thus, also continues to exercise natural masticatory pressures. The jaw ‘understands’ that at this point bone there is a need to optimally facilitate chewing, eating, and talking.

If only a few teeth are affected, a treatment with implants is also gentler, because the adjacent teeth do not need to be grounded or used. Without implants, the dentist would have to resort to a conventional bridge, for which he or she would have to significantly reduce the use of neighboring teeth. With implants, however, only a crown is necessary, which is applied as a replacement to the artificial tooth root.


Beautiful dentures should fit so perfectly into the rest of the mouth that it does not stand out. Implants provide a very good basis for this. The implant neck, on which the dentures are placed, can hardly be seen. This is why implants are one of the best Tooth Replacement in Waikiki options available.

In the anterior region, the implantologist can even use white implants made of all-ceramics. When using bridges, for example, it can happen that the process forms an ugly gap between the dentures and the gums, as the bone regresses and moves away from the previously well-fitting dentures. This is not the case with implants because the dentures are fixed directly on the artificial tooth roots and are optimally adapted.

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