What To Expect From Endodontists in California MD

In Maryland, patients with severe tooth damage undergo complex dental services to repair their teeth. The procedures often require sedation and involve surgical remedies. A root canal is performed when a tooth cannot be repaired by more traditional means. Endodontists in California MD complete root canals and other maxillofacial surgeries to correct the damage.

Managing a Root Canal Procedure

The dental professional completes the root canal by drilling into the tooth and creating an opening. Next, the tooth pulp and nerve are removed completely. A filling is injected into the tooth, and it is sealed off completely. The endodontist might install a dental crown to protect the tooth from further damage.

Why are Root Canals Performed?

Root canals are performed when the tooth is severely damaged or is at risk of becoming a serious issue. The procedures are often the last effort to save a tooth and avoid an extraction. Patients who undergo the procedure are often in severe pain due to tooth damage or an exposed nerve.

How Long Do the Results Last?

The results of a root canal last up to ten years typically. However, certain factors could contribute to more tooth damage in the future. Patients who use tobacco products or smoke frequently increase the risk of a failed root canal. Dental professionals recommend cessation of tobacco use to protect the tooth more proactively.

What Should the Patient Do After the Procedure?

The patient should report any infection to their dental professional immediately. Over-the-counter medications offer pain management after the procedure. However, the dentist provides pain medications if the patient has a low pain tolerance. Antibiotics are prescribed often to lower the risk of infection. Patients can expect discomfort and swelling around the treated tooth.

In Maryland, a dentist refers their patients to an endodontist when their teeth are severely damaged. The dental professionals complete complex treatments for correct serious damage and restoring functionality. Root canals are among the complex treatments for repairing damaged teeth. The treatments involve the removal of the tooth pulp and nerve. Patients who need a root canal Contact Louis B. Sachs D.D.S. to schedule an appointment with Endodontists in California MD right now.

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