Preventing the Problem of Dry Socket After Wisdom Teeth Extraction by an Oral Surgeon in Midwest City OK

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Extraction of wisdom teeth by an Oral Surgeon in Midwest City OK usually does not lead to any problems afterward other than some discomfort for the first few days. Sometimes, however, the small blood clot in the wound comes out, resulting in a condition known as dry socket. This tends to be very painful because air reaches the exposed nerve endings.

Relevant Research

Researchers in a study published in Dental Research Journal in 2011 wanted to determine the prevalence of this condition, since various reports showed such a broad range. In their own study, they found the frequency to be relatively low, at less than 1 percent of patients. It appears that a large majority of patients follow instructions from the dentist, but those who do not are at higher risk of this problem.

Research has found certain risk factors associated with dry socket. Patients may be able to prevent this from happening by learning about those risk factors and taking action.

Oral Hygiene for the First Week

The patient typically is advised to only gently rinse the mouth with warm water after surgery until the following day. Brushing with toothpaste can be done then, but it’s important to keep the brush away from the areas that are healing. Otherwise the clots might be dislodged.

No Suction

No straws should be used for a week or so because the suction can pull the clots out. For the same reason, sucking on hard candy or ice pops also should be avoided.

No Tobacco Products

If the patient is a smoker or chews tobacco, this is an excellent opportunity to quit for good. After an Oral Surgeon in Midwest City OK extracts wisdom teeth, the patient should not use any tobacco products for at least a week. Nicotine and toxins in the products disrupt the healing process. Suction required to draw smoke from cigarettes, cigars and pipes can easily dislodge the blood clots.

Following these guidelines after wisdom tooth extraction at a clinic such as the Center for Jaw and Facial Surgery will help prevent any complications. Browse the Site for information on this particular dental practice.

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