Visit a Cosmetic Dentist in Salem OR to Get Whiter, Straighter Teeth

Chipped teeth can have a devastating effect on a person’s self-image. When everyone else has a perfect smile, it’s hard to smile and laugh genuinely, knowing others are going to see an imperfect set of teeth. Fortunately, there are ways to repair these kinds of problems and improve self-esteem at the same time. It all starts with a consultation with a cosmetic dentist in Salem OR. Cosmetic dentists focus on fixing aesthetic flaws. They are more concerned with discolored, chipped and missing teeth than they are with decay and gum disease.

Veneers can correct more than one dental problem. The are most commonly used to correct chipped front teeth. It can be difficult to fix this problem without veneers, especially when the teeth are weak. A veneer is made of porcelain and covers the original tooth completely. It looks natural and can even be made the same color as the surrounding teeth. Once the veneer is in place, the color cannot be changed. Therefore, before getting veneers, some people whiten the rest of their teeth.

Dental veneers can also close a wide gap between front teeth. Most people don’t have perfectly straight teeth. Nearly everyone has some kind of flaw they would like to correct. However, some have very large gaps between their front teeth and they may have been teased about them for years. Braces might correct this problem if it’s addressed in childhood but adults who want to close the gap and have straight, pretty teeth can get a similar effect with the help of a cosmetic dentist in Salem OR.

Dentists offer a range of cosmetic services to help their patients have a more beautiful smile. Veneers, teeth whitening and implants may all be used to make improvements to a patient’s healthy teeth. Anyone who wants to improve the way their teeth look should Visit Sitename and schedule a consultation. A cosmetic dentist may be able to help a patient get a smile that meets their definition of beauty, so they can smile with confidence and laugh out loud without being embarrassed about the state of their teeth.

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