The Dentist in Utica NY Treats Gum Disease

by | Jul 25, 2018 | Dentistry

Gum disease and decay are two of the biggest threats to human teeth. Because the gums are responsible for providing nutrients to the teeth, it stands to reason gum disease can greatly alter the health of the teeth. Thankfully, gum disease is entirely treatable and can be reversed in its earliest stages.

Symptoms of Gum Disease

There are many symptoms that can begin to occur when a person’s gum tissue is becoming diseased. Being able to recognize the signs of gum disease is vital for ensuring the patient seeks care for the dentist in Utica, NY. Waiting too long can lead to increased damage which could end up resulting in tooth loss. The following are the most common symptoms people experience when they are dealing with gum disease.

• Redness

• Swelling and puffiness

• Irritation

• Bleeding when brushing

• Pain

• Foul breath

• Tooth loosening

When gum disease is a first beginning, it will only cause redness, bleeding, and gum irritation. As the disease progresses, it will eventually lead to tooth loosening and pus drainage, which can end up causing massive tooth loss. When treated in its earliest stages, gum disease is much more manageable and is less likely to cause permanent damage.

How Does the Dentist Treat Gum Disease?

The dentist in Utica, NY will first examine the patient to see how severe the disease has become. In its earliest stages, improved dental hygiene can make a big difference in reversing the disease. If the gum disease has gone into its latter stages, the further intervention will be required.

Sometimes, gum surgery is needed to protect against tooth loss. The dentist will perform a deep cleaning of the gum tissue to remove the infection that has developed into pockets around the teeth. In some cases, the gum tissue must be sutured closed until full healing takes place.

If you have noticed any signs of gum disease, it is imperative you seek immediate dental care before your condition worsens. Contact Business Name right away and allow them to take care of all of your dental needs. They will provide you with the dental care that will protect your smile.

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