Crowns Through an Affordable Dentist in Salisbury NC

Restoring a smile is one of the best ways to improve a person’s appearance. There are numerous ways an Affordable Dentist in Salisbury NC can achieve this. Even though crowns are one of the most used methods in dentistry, there are some drawbacks to consider first.

Things to consider

Crowns have a limited shelf life. After a few years, it may need to be replaced, and the tooth has to be ground down a bit more. At some point, it may be that the crown can no longer stay attached and the tooth must be pulled.


The placement of a crown usually takes two appointments to an Affordable Dentist in Salisbury NC. A check-up a few weeks after insertion is also advised. It is crucial that each patient follows the after-care instructions given by their dentist. Failing to do so could result in a lost crown and, thus, a waste of time and money.

The first appointment: impression taking

During the first appointment, the dentist will offer the patient the choice of a ceramic or porcelain crown. When the choice has been made, the dentist will determine the patient’s tooth color. Under local anesthesia, the part of the tooth that was destroyed by decay or an accident is removed.

After placing a filling, the tooth stump is prepared for the tooth crown, and an impression is taken. After this impression is taken, the crown is made in a dental laboratory. Until the final crown is placed, the dentist will install a temporary crown. It protects the tooth and allows the patient to bite down and chew normally.

The second appointment: insertion and bonding

During a second appointment, the dental crown made by the laboratory is used and firmly glued into place. It is particularly important that the crown fits perfectly on the tooth stump so that the gums do not become inflamed. Also, even smaller adjustments (regarding tooth height and shape) can be made.

A few weeks after the crown has been used, a routine check-up is advised. This appointment helps the dentist ensure the crown is doing its job and the patient is happy with the results. Contact us for more information.

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