Steps For Acquiring False Teeth In Cincinnati, OH

In Ohio, patients may suffer consequences that could require the extraction of all their teeth. When this happens, they need to find a clear solution to replace their teeth and restore their ability to speak and chew properly. The following are steps for acquiring false teeth in Cincinnati OH.

Extract All Damaged Teeth

If the patient has remaining teeth that are damaged and cannot be repaired, they need further extractions. Once the dentist extracts all the remaining teeth, the patient must wait until their gums have healed completely. This healing process can take up to six weeks based on how quickly each patient heals. They must also wait until the gums have finished shrinking. This occurs after all teeth are removed from the mouth.

Create a Mold of the Patient’s Gums

Next, the dentist will create a mold of the patient’s gums. The dentures must match the ridges of the gums to achieve a proper fit. The mold is sent to a lab where the dentures are created. The dentist uses an image of the patient’s teeth to determine the size and proportion of each tooth.

Fit the Dentures Properly

The dentist contacts the patient when their dentures are ready. They place the dentures inside the patient’s mouth to determine if the fit is correct. The dentist evaluates any issues that could lead to a failure to keep the dentures inside the patient’s mouth. If necessary, the dentist can have the dentures adjusted to achieve the best fit.

Explain All Care Requirements for the Dentures

The dentist provides all care requirements for the patient’s dentures. They provide information about the most effective adhesives to use for their dentures. They also explain to the patient what products will clean the dentures and eliminate bacteria and other unwanted substances.

In Ohio, patients have access to services that enable them to replace their missing teeth. The most economical option for these patients is dentures. These devices are created with a mold of the patient’s gums and images of the patient’s teeth. Patients who need to acquire false teeth in Cincinnati OH contact Colerain Denture Center for an appointment.

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