Protect Your Teeth With The Help Of A Reputable Dentist in St. Peter, MN

by | Nov 15, 2016 | Dentistry

Dental problems can often occur unexpectedly. When a cavity first forms, it can go unnoticed by a patient for long periods of time depending on the size of the affected enamel. When they do occur, getting them checked out by a reputable dentist in the St. Peter, MN area as soon as possible is important. They will be able to perform X-Rays to determine how much damage there is, often finding damage beneath the surface that could not be seen easily by the patient themselves. If the damage is severe, it could require a more serious treatment than simply filling the cavity. Some situations may require the tooth to have a root canal performed on it, with a crown being placed on the tooth afterward to restore the patient’s bite.

Cavities often occur due to dietary concerns. Sweet beverages and foods can lead to enamel breaking down without proper brushing, rinsing, and regular dental visits. Depending on the type of beverage, enamel can be affected in a multitude of ways. From breaking down the enamel itself over time, to simply staining it and causing the enamel to weaken, there are many different ways that dietary concerns can affect a tooth. Dark sodas, tea, and coffee can stain enamel the more they are consumed, leading to the weakening of enamel gradually over time.

Getting a cavity treated by a dentist in St Peter, MN can often be as easy as getting a filling placed in the affected area. A filling can be made from dental cement, or with fillings made from gold, porcelain, silver amalgam, or even with a tooth colored plastic. There are also composite resins which dentists make use of for fillings. Unfortunately for many patients, fillings are not always permanent and can fall out if the cause of the cavity is still a factor. A dentist in St Peter MN will help explain the original cause of the cavity, and ways to prevent them when treating the patient. In most cases, they will suggest regular visits for teeth cleaning and whitening to help strengthen tooth enamel and ensure particles of food and bacteria will not pose a risk. Contact us for more information.

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