The Effectiveness of In-Office Teeth Whitening in Oyster Bay, NY

by | Nov 15, 2016 | Dentist

There are many people that are constantly searching for the perfect smile. Perhaps they are people that have straight teeth but, because of dental conditions or because of lifestyle habits, their teeth aren’t as white as they would like them to be. Fortunately, there are many different options when it comes teeth whitening, and people are often persuaded to pursue this mainly because of the affordability of over-the-counter teeth whitening products. However, for the best results when it comes to Teeth whitening in Oyster Bay NY, an in-office procedure is the preferred method.

Take-home trays and over-the-counter teeth whitening products use the same methods and even the same bleaching products that can be found in a dentist’s office. However, take-home trays or over-the-counter products only use very low dosages of the whitening agent. In-office dental teeth whitening, because it is a more controlled environment, allows dentists to use higher concentrations of teeth whitening agents, which help to improve the immediate results.

In addition, gum or teeth sensitivity, which was typically a problem in the past for people wanting to have their teeth whitened, is no longer an issue. This is because there are more protective peroxide gels that can be used to protect teeth and gums from this dental procedure. This is a product that isn’t available with over-the-counter products.

It’s important to understand that in-office Teeth whitening in Oyster Bay NY is going to be more expensive than take-home trays or over-the-counter options. In fact, the average cost for teeth whitening will range from around $600-$650 depending on a few factors. This is significantly more than the $50-$100 price range for many over-the-counter teeth whitening products. However, with the immediate results, the use of higher concentrations of teeth whitening bleaches and protection against sensitivity, for many people, it’s worth the extra cost.

If your teeth are stained, and you’ve become extremely self-conscious about that, you may want to consider an in-office teeth whitening procedure. To learn more about this type of procedure and how it’s performed as well as if you’re a good candidate for this procedure, you may want to visit the website of the Locust Valley Dental Group.

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