What Can Patients Expect From Tooth Fillings in Bridgeport, CT?

When a tooth begins to experience decay, the decay eats away at the tooth tissue, causing great damage. Thankfully, dentists can help their patients save their damaged tooth with Tooth Fillings in Bridgeport CT. The sooner a tooth filling is taken care of, the less damage will be done to the tooth. The following offers information on how these repairs are carried out.

How Is a Tooth Filling Put In?

It is important individuals are aware of what to expect from having Tooth Fillings in Bridgeport CT. It is important individuals realize they will feel no discomfort during the procedure, but it is common for the treated tooth to be a little sore.

The dentist will first carefully numb the patient and then determine how much tooth tissue will be removed. The dentist will work to save healthy tissue and remove the decayed material from the tooth.

When the damaged tooth tissue has been removed, the dentist will then need to fill the tooth. There are different types of filling materials that are used depending on the age of the patient and the degree of damage. The most common type is a composite filling because it is the same color as the tooth and blends in well.

Signs of Cavities

There are a few different signs that may occur when a cavity is present. If a person notices the following signs, they should seek the dentist right away.

  • Changes in tooth color may be white, gray, or black
  • Tooth pain that occurs when eating or biting down
  • Damaged teeth that chip or break
  • Foul breath

If any of the above is occurring, it is wise for an individual to call a dentist and schedule an appointment. The dentist will carefully examine the tooth and take X-rays to determine how much damage has been done and if there is any infection present. The filling may be carried out the same day.

If you are dealing with decay in a tooth, now is the time to seek treatment. Contact Commerce Park Cosmetic Dentistry LLC today and ask them to schedule your appointment right away.

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