Let a Dental Office in Kona Create That Beautiful, Award Winning Smile

by | Jan 13, 2016 | Dental

Creating a gorgeous smile can be a tough task, and this is only worsened by postponing visits to the dentist. In fact, visiting a Dental Office in Kona can ensure that the teeth get healthy, and the patient has a beautiful smile. However, this process may require several procedures to complete. Some are simple like the teeth whitening procedure while others can get extremely complicated like a dental implant in a weak jaw.

Cosmetic options for dental improvement also include veneers, bonding, and shaping. Each serves a specific function, and each has different pros and cons. Take, for example, teeth whitening. This process uses a chemical based on peroxide and a conversion process that turns that chemical into hydrogen peroxide. While this usually cleans the stains, it cannot affect certain dental work like bonding or crowns. This means that the end result may not be what the patient expected because of color variances between the teeth and any prior dental work.

The act of bonding a tooth uses a tooth-colored putty to fill any voids or give the tooth a little bulk. This procedure, along with the subsequent shaping, is often performed when a tooth chips or as an easy alternative when the problems are small. Veneers, on the other hand, are used to hide a variety of issues from serious stains to misshapen teeth. This includes issues like crooked teeth as well; It does this well because the veneer is a thin layer of porcelain placed over the front or visible portion of the teeth.

Early versions of the veneer required a lot of effort to make them fit, but modern versions are very thin and rarely require any extra effort to make them fit properly. Finally, when a Dental Office in Kona places the veneer, it is secured with a strong, dental grade resin.

To get a really great smile usually requires the patient to have strong, even teeth to begin with. Thankfully, there are options that can work around this problem. One is the implant which allows the dentist to replace missing teeth or anchor devices like the bridge. Another is the use of crowns over damaged teeth that won’t be covered with a veneer. If the patient doesn’t want to use a veneer, it may be possible to use crowns on the damaged teeth and bonding/shaping on the others. Visit here and discover more information.

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