Dental Implants Provide Dental Restoration in Beaumont TX

Issues with missing teeth can plaque a person and cause them to feel uncomfortable with the appearance of their smile. This is especially difficult to deal with when the teeth a person is missing are in the front of their smile. While bridges can be made to cover these missing teeth, they do not always provide the natural look a person seeks. Thankfully, there is a permanent option for tooth replacement through dental implants. With a Dental Restoration in Beaumont TX, a person can have their smile fully restored so they can be happy with their appearance and no longer feel ashamed to smile.

A dental implant procedure is one of the most popular methods of Dental Restoration in Beaumont TX. This procedure is carried out in a dental office and typically only requires a local anesthetic unless multiple teeth are being replaced through the implants.

To create the root, a titanium implant rod is put in place in the jawbone. This metal can bond with human bone tissue so over a period; the titanium root becomes solidly and permanently implanted in the bone. When this happens, the prosthetic tooth or crown can withstand the full pressure that can occur during chewing and biting without becoming damaged.

There are three parts to a dental implant. The first part acts as the root and then an abutment is put in place to hold the prosthetic tooth. Once these three parts are combined, they become a seamless tooth replacement with only the prosthetic tooth showing through the gum tissue and all of the metal hardware being hidden.

A dental implant is meant to last for life. With proper maintenance, people can avoid damages with their implant so their smile can stay complete. If damages occur to the prosthetic tooth, the dentist can simply replace it without having to perform the initial surgery again.

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