Is it Time to Visit a Pediatric Clinic in Hillside, NY?

Most parents want to ensure their children have the best of everything. From the best food to the best toys and, of course, the best healthcare. In fact, parents often pick out their child’s pediatrician long before they are born. However, an important medical professional that is often forgotten about, in the beginning, is a pediatric dentist.

Parents often don’t realize they should take their child to a Pediatric Clinic in Hillside NJ by their first birthday. They put off this care and, as a result, potentially cause issues for their child’s overall dental health.

Why are Early Dental Visits So Important?

The idea of such an early dental visit is still somewhat surprising to some new parents. However, several national studies have proven that today, more pre-school aged children are developing cavities than ever before. Approximately one out of every four children in the U.S. had at least one cavity by the time they reached age four. There are quite a few kids who even get cavities by age two.

Preventing Early Dental Issues

By scheduling an appointment at a Pediatric Clinic in Hillside NJ, many early childhood cavities can be prevented. The dentist can let parents know if there is a risk of cavities and what they can do to manage their child’s diet, fluoride, and hygiene to prevent further issues.

However, cavities aren’t the only potential problem children have when it comes to their teeth. Some of the other things that are discussed during an initial dental visit for a child are listed here.

• How to properly use fluoride

• How to care for a toddler’s or infant’s mouth

• Oral habits that may have potential consequences

• The link between oral health and diet

• Developmental milestones and teething

• Ways to help prevent accidents that may result in damage to the teeth or face

While it may be easy for parents to put off that initial dental visit, this isn’t a good idea. Early dental care is paramount for good oral health throughout life. More information about early dental care and when to seek it can be found by contacting the staff at ChildSmiles.FamilySmiles or by taking the time to Click here.

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