What Is a Root Canal?

by | Apr 16, 2018 | Dental Root Canal

Many people aren’t aware that the inside of their teeth is hollow. It is a cavity that is filled with a naturally occurring pulp like substance. Its job is to nourish and hydrate the tooth structure. This results in a tooth that is more resilient, less brittle, and harder to crack when biting down on hard foods. It is also what gives you the sense of hot and cold in your food and drink.

When Things Go Wrong

When a crack occurs in the tooth, it exposes this pulp to the elements causing a hyper sensitivity to hot and cold that can lead to blinding pain being transmitted through your nerves to the pain receptors in your brain. This is often a pain so severe that is can be crippling and incredibly debilitating. By not having this problem treated immediately, the problem only gets worse as the crack in the tooth expands, exposing more of the inner structure.

What Can Be Done?

By visiting a dentist that deals with root canals in the Northridge area, they can walk you through the procedure and explain to you what can be done to help you eliminate the pain you are experiencing. Simply put, a root canal at its base level involves filling the tooth so that the inner structure is no longer exposed thus stopping your sensitivity to both hot and cold food and drink.

Don’t Wait!

It can’t be exaggerated at the importance of having this problem quickly fixed. Given time the pain will only get worse and more intense as the tooth continues to crack and the inner structure becomes more exposed. Please visit Northridge Dentalworks today to look into the options that are available to get you back to living without constant pain so that you can eat and smile with confidence again.

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