Do You Have Stubborn Crooked Teeth, Maybe Invisalign Can Actually Work

by | Apr 11, 2018 | Dental

Teeth are one of our most valuable assets. For hundreds of years teeth have symbolized many things from social status to health and vitality. As such, flawless teeth and attractive white smiles attract more opportunities— there’s actual research done by Economist Daniel Hamermesh from the University of Texas in Austin, stating that attractive people are more likely to earn an average of $200,000 more than an average or flawed looking person within their lifetime.

What is this Treatment

The dentists use Invisalign as an alternative to traditional metal braces, to correct a number of oral problems including overcrowding of teeth, disproportionate or unaligned teeth, and any open bite, crossbite, or underbite stages. If somehow you weren’t able to get braces or refused braces as a kid chances are you’re regretting it now, years later. The wonderful thing about Invisalign is that it’s perfect for adults and older teenagers that rely heavily on appearances or are easily embarrassed in social situations. Invisalign helps straighten and correct teeth without the bulky ugly braces.

It’s normal to feel embarrassed about having metal braces especially when you’re at a party or cookout where impressions matter. With movies and seemingly perfect actors and actresses, it’s tough keeping a healthy self-esteem. Invisalign makes it easier to keep a good self-image. We all want to look in top shape, with straight pearly whites, like our favorite movie stars and celebrity artists.

The Cost of Invisalign

The cost of Invisalign can vary from region to region as well as from practice to practice. Overall it comes down to realistic tooth movements and individual treatments and protocol. For the average patient it is about $5,500. Certain practices do accept specific insurances to help with costs. You can ask your healthcare provider and confirm with the specific practice and dentist of your choosing.

Invisalign vs Palatal Expanders, Hawley Retainers, and Other Treatments

You may have already tried a number of less invasive treatments to help with your crowded or crooked teeth. Palatal expanders and Hawley retainers can help with mouth arches and space issues but perhaps it felt too uncomfortable. Sometimes metal braces and retainers irritate and sore the inside of the mouth. Maybe you are not feeling the Hawley retainer’s metal wires and want something less visible.

Many treatments for teeth that are significantly out of alignment are painful and aesthetically unappealing. Invisalign is amazing and perfect because it’s had such a high success rate with correcting teeth. Your overall health will improve gradually with Invisalign retainers. Brushing and flossing and eating will become easier. If you’re in the greater St. Louis area struggling to find a reputable Chesterfield Invisalign dentist, you can stop worrying. At Chesterfield Family Dentistry Dr. Silva offers quality dental care. Like us on our facebook page.

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