Instantly Enhance Your Smile with Snap-On Smile

by | Oct 11, 2017 | Dentistry

For some the idea of a perfect smile can feel impossible, or like a time consuming and costly pipe dream. However with relatively new advancements in cosmetic dentistry and the emergence of techniques like Snap-On Smile, obtaining the perfect smile you have always dreamed of is possible now more than ever. This dental treatment is a painless and easy way to correct any aesthetic imperfections that may leave you feeling uncomfortable or withdrawn in a variety of situations.

Cosmetic Smile Enhancement is an Excellent Choice for:

   * Covering Uneven or Crooked Teeth
   * Enhanced Smile for Cracked or Stained Teeth
   * Increasing Lost Tooth Height
   * Upgrading from Removable Partial Dentures
   * Closing Gaps between Teeth
   * Those who are Not Good Candidates for Implants or Bridges

Obtaining the Perfect Smile in a Snap

Snap-On Smile is a simple patented process that involves the impression of your current dental structure, and the use of a hi-tech dental resin to create a beautiful smile that snaps in, and fits right over your own teeth. This can most typically be achieved with only two thirty minute trips to the dentist. The visits are painless; the first is to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for the procedure. If your dentist feels Snap-On Smile is a beneficial procedure for you they will create the impression of your teeth in the very first visit. Most times your second visit will take place as soon as three weeks later, where the official fitting takes place and you leave with your brand new smile the same day.

Contacting Our Snap-On Smile Dentist

Does this sound like a dream come true? If you have been searching for an affordable solution to perfecting your smile, our Snap-On Smile dentist in Itasca is the perfect choice for a consultation. Allow dental professionals to assist you in determining if Snap-On Smile is the proper process for you, both orally and financially. Contact Dr. Brian Homann, D.D.S. at for more information.

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