Experience One Visit Dentistry in Haleiwa

It is always worth the time and money that is spent on excellent oral hygiene. That point made, it is also difficult to fit multiple appointments into a hectic schedule. Many people put off getting needed crown repairs, new crowns, or veneers because the traditional procedure involves two separate dentist appointments. People also have to wait a week or two for the crown or veneer to come back from the dental laboratory.

That means two separate co-payments. It also calls for the need to arrange time off work twice in a short period of time. Fortunately, dental procedures have advanced immensely. There is now a new piece of equipment that reduces the process of getting a crown or veneer to one hour.

A CEREC Machine

This new technology makes it possible to have restorations completed in one visit. The patient also experiences less discomfort. Instead of a hard plastic mold filled with impression material, a special camera takes a digital image of the space quickly and painlessly. The information is transmitted directly to the CEREC machine, which makes the crown right in the dentist office.

The machine is actually a miniature dental laboratory. This process of one visit Dentistry in Haleiwa is available for some patients. Availability depends on the investments made by the dentists. Continued education, becoming certified to use advanced technology, and the purchase of the new machinery all has to be completed before the patient will benefit from new technology. Those interested in taking advantage of this, and other, new technology can browse our website to discover the opportunities that exist.

Other Practice Areas

In addition to crowns and veneers, several other services are offered in different areas of Dentistry in Haleiwa. General dentistry procedures include routine teeth cleaning, oral examinations, and X-rays. Professional teeth whitening and other cosmetic procedures are available as well.

Restorative dentistry procedures, such as bridges, implants, and dentures, improve chewing ability and keep remaining teeth from shifting into empty spaces. Speech can also be effected by missing teeth, as can self-esteem. A complete smile restores confidence as well as bite, jaw alignment. Dental procedures are advancing to reduce time, discomfort, and costs so there is no longer any need to be hesitant to take proper care of your teeth.

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