Implant Dentistry Services Can Rejuvenate Your Smile

by | Feb 28, 2017 | Dental Implants

When an individual is missing one tooth or several teeth, Implant Dentistry Services are a terrific solution for restoring a smile. Bridges can break and food can become lodged under them. A dental implant is a permanent root and tooth, which will look identical to the other teeth. Teeth can be missing for a variety of reasons, including injury, illness, disease, and medication. A dentist will never judge someone for the reason why a tooth is missing. They’re only concerned about the patient’s well-being, self-esteem, and helping them to improve their smile.

Implant dentistry services may be suggested when someone is interested in cosmetic dentistry services. A dental implant may take two to three visits to a dental office to complete but is a permanent solution. The dentist will insert a tiny titanium post into the gums. It will take a few weeks for it to bond to the bone. When the healing has completed, the tooth replacement will be attached to the post and functions as a natural tooth. It will look and feel the same as the other teeth, but won’t develop cavities like a natural tooth can. Brushing, flossing, and chewing will be done with ease because an individual never has to worry about removing the implants or having an implant replaced every few years.

When an individual is interested in improving their smile, cosmetic dentistry is an aspect of providing a great smile. If a tooth is chipped, discolored, or isn’t the same size as the other teeth, veneers are a great option to easily correct this type of problem. This thin piece of porcelain is attached to the front of a tooth and will hide any imperfections. Teeth that have had decay in the past can benefit from of a full crown. After so many fillings have occurred to a tooth, a crown is usually the best option for many patients. Amalgam fillings, which appear silver in someone’s tooth, can be replaced with composite material that’s the same color as the natural tooth.

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