What is Periodontal Therapy in Chatswood?

As people age, many of us will lose teeth. Although this is a fact, it does not have to be. When people maintain excellent oral hygiene, have regular dental check-ups, and professional cleanings, there is a good chance they can keep their natural teeth for life.

Maintaining your teeth for a lifetime of use means you also have to look after your gums and the tooth support structure. Gum disease is a bacterial infection that threatens the gums and jawbone. Your dentist will always be on the lookout for potential problems. When it appears there is trouble, your dentist will suggest periodontal therapy in Chatswood.

Although periodontal therapy in Chatswood takes various forms, the goal is always the same; restore diseased and distressed tissue. If left untreated, periodontal disease can quickly spread from the soft gum tissue to the tooth root, and from there to the bone supporting the teeth. In the worst case, teeth may fall out or need to be extracted.

A periodontist has several treatment methods available. A common no-surgical treatment is root planning and scaling. Taking great care, the root surfaces are cleaned. In doing so, plaque and tartar are eliminated. Once this procedure has been completed, the periodontist will often agree that the patient does not require any further treatment.

When you rely on Toothsome Periodontics, you can rest assured that a dental professional who is well versed on periodontal disease will treat you. These professionals, after taking additional training in periodontal disease treatment, are positioned to perform surgical and non-surgical treatments. Periodontists understand that periodontal health should be achieved using the least invasive, and the most cost-effective treatment. To ensure your oral health, and keep your teeth for life, periodontal therapy in Chatswood is one of the many procedures carried out by these caring dental professionals.

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