How a Dentist Can Help You with Sleep Apnea Problems

While a dentist may not be the first person you think of when addressing your sleep apnea issues, you might be surprised by just how much an experienced dentist can factor into your sleep apnea treatment in Chicago.

Spotting the Problem

While a dentist cannot officially diagnose sleep apnea, they can very easily spot the tell-tale signs of the problem and refer you to a sleep specialist who, in turn, can give you an official diagnosis. This is your first step in dealing with the problem and can get you started on a treatment plan as soon as possible.

Prescribe a Sleep Appliance

Once an official diagnosis has been made, the dentist can prescribe a sleep appliance that fits into the patient’s mouth while they are sleeping. This device keeps the airway open so that the patient can begin to breathe comfortably again.

Fix the Outlying Issues

Someone who has been suffering from sleep apnea for a long time will have other issues as well, such as injured teeth due to grinding them at night. An experienced dentist will be able to start repairing the damage caused by sleep apnea as soon as the patient gets it under control via their sleep apnea treatment in Chicago. This will lead to the patient having a much better life than they would otherwise be able to have.

If you have questions as to how a dentist can aid in your sleep apnea recovery, then contact DentArt Chicago. They will consult with you.

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