Does Invisalign work for your smile enhancement goals?

by | Jan 12, 2021 | Dental Care

You may have heard about the treatment called Invisalign, that Glencoe dentists can provide. However, you may be wondering whether or not this treatment will work for you. Everyone wants to have an attractive smile, but they may not want to endure metal braces. Invisalign is a clear solution and an excellent alternative to traditional braces. Understanding how Invisalign works can assist you with determining whether this is the right choice for your needs.

Setting up a consultation

The first step in determining whether or not Invisalign will work for you is to set up a consultation with your dentist. The dentist will perform an X-ray of your teeth to see where exactly they need to be better aligned. Once the dentist and you agree that this smile enhancement option is best suited to your needs, they will proceed with creating the special aligners. These clear aligners will work slowly over time to bring the teeth into the correct and desired position.

How long does it take to work

The length of time Invisalign services take to work varies from person to person. Since everyone’s teeth are different, there is no set standard for how quickly the braces will align the teeth. However, most dentists will tell their patients that the entire process could take months to years. However, the end result is well worth it in the end.

What can it treat?

Invisalign Glencoe dentists offer has the capability to treat a wide range of different dental conditions. Some of the dental conditions it treats include overbites, underbites, malocclusions, wide gaps, overcrowded teeth, and many more dental concerns.

With Invisalign braces, the aligners are repositioned roughly every two weeks to continue to bring the teeth into alignment. This slow and gradual process is actually working wonders to create a brand new and more attractive smile.

At the dental office of Lippitz Orthodontics, patients can use Invisalign Glencoe services to improve the appearance of their smiles.

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