Dealing with Anxiety Before Visiting a Dentist Office in Grand Prairie TX

by | Jan 8, 2019 | Dental Care

Dental phobias are very common for some people, which leads to delayed dental care or avoiding it altogether. Even a simple cleaning can seem too intimidating at first. However, there are several techniques to explore before a visit to help calm down. Avoiding dental care can have serious consequences down the road, this is why it is important to contact a dentist office in Grand Prairie TX and schedule a visit. Here are some ways to prepare for a visit:

Discuss Anxiety with Staff

One of the best ways to alleviate anxiety is to simply discuss these feelings with the staff at the dental practice. They’ll ensure that you’re comfortable before beginning the process of cleaning and can offer valuable advice. Be confident that they’re doing everything that they can to accommodate the anxiety and fears associated with the visit.

Use Hand Signals

As silly as it may sound, talk to the dentist and assistant about establishing some hand signals to communicate with. When you start to panic or feel uncomfortable, signal to the dentist to ease off or stop the procedure. Just knowing they are watching for this will offer a sense of peace, even if the signals are never needed.

Practice Relaxation Techniques

An excellent way to calm down is to pay attention to the environment and practice breathing techniques. Follow traditional meditation techniques or develop your own using favorite music or activities. Ultimately, taking measures to relax and set fears aside rather than allowing them to cause problems down the road will be well worth the time and effort. Mindfulness and meditation take practice, so allow plenty of time.

Choose a Lower Stress Appointment Time

When the time comes to book the appointment, think about your typical week. Pick a time when you are less likely to feel rushed or under pressure to get in and out. This might mean asking about a Saturday visit or even an appointment first thing in the morning when you’re still a little sleepy.

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