4 Easy to Remember Tips on Dealing with Dental Emergencies

While knowing a dentist with excellent knowledge of general dentistry helps, your dentist won’t be around you every minute of every day. Knowing how to deal with dental emergencies can help prevent permanent damage and keep the condition from getting worse until you finally get to your dentist. So here’s a little bit of information from WebMD on how to manage and cope with common dental troubles.

* Toothache. Toothache can be debilitating, especially if the tooth is already sensitive. To ease the pain, rinse. Use warm water to do it. If there are any food scraps between your teeth, remove them by flossing or brushing your teeth. Lodged bits of food can contribute to the sensation of pain. Don’t ever put a painkiller beside your tooth. There are properties in the aspirin that could burn your gum tissue, adding to an already painful condition. Just rinse and try to get to your dentist as soon as you can.
* Chipped or broken tooth. Tripped and sat up, only to find out you’ve chipped your tooth when you hit the floor? Don’t throw out any of the pieces. Save them, then rinse when you can. Warm water helps kill bacteria and germs, sterilizing your mouth. If you notice any signs of bleeding, use a piece of gauze to soak up any of the blood. Do that for ten minutes, or until the bleeding stops. If there’s any swelling on your mouth, lip, cheek or elsewhere, then drive straight to your dentist. Set an appointment along the way.
* Lost filling. If you can’t see your dentist just yet, use a sugarless gum to close off the cavity. Sugar will cause pain, so keep away from that. You could also use a type of cement that is sold over the counter in many drugstores and pharmacies.
* Objects stubbornly stuck between your teeth. This is a common problem, once you’re likely encountered. If something gets stuck between your teeth, try forcing it out with dental floss. Work with a gentle motion so that you don’t abrade your gum tissue. If that doesn’t work though, set an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.

There are plenty more tips out there on how to effectively cope with a dental emergency, so you’ve got a lot of reading to catch up on. And if you’re looking for a dentist in Plymouth Mi with general dentistry knowledge, you only have to reach out to the Levan Dental Group for more information.

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