Three Services Provided During an Appointment for Family Dentistry in Orange CT

by | Dec 18, 2015 | Dental, Dental Care, Dental Treatment

Younger children, and even children at an older age, often feel afraid to go to the dentist. This can make it difficult for the dentist to get the dental work completed. Family dentistry in Orange CT, ensures children have their parents present if they choose. This can help ease their fears and ensure the work that needs to be done gets completed. An appointment for family dentistry typically includes three services.

Routine Cleaning

Both parents and children need to have their teeth cleaned on a regular basis. Dentists recommend heading in for a teeth cleaning once every 6 months. During a family appointment, multiple members can have their teeth cleaning completed. After one is finished, the next one can have theirs done. This cleaning removes any plaque buildup in the mouth and ensures all tooth surfaces are clean and free from bacteria.

Overall Exam

A full exam needs to be done as well. This exam allows the dentist to take a close look at the teeth and gums and see if any underlying issues are present. It ensures problems are caught early so they can be dealt with now rather than later when they have become a larger issue. Gum disease is a major problem that should be dealt with immediately, but can often be caught during an oral exam.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride helps the teeth by making them more resistant to acid. Sugars and acids from food and drinks can easily damage the teeth, but fluoride helps to prevent it. It also works to reverse any decay that has started early. These treatments are especially essential for children who may not be brushing as thoroughly as they should.

A family dentistry in Orange CT ensures each family member can be treated in a short time span. Rather than scheduling multiple appointments for different days, schedules can often be worked out that have each member seen within the same time span. This can help young children as they see their parents or an older sibling getting their teeth cleaned, so they know it is safe to do so.

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