3 Important Questions You Should Ask Before Getting Dental Veneers

by | Apr 24, 2021 | Dental

Do you have a less than perfect smile? Do people tell you that your teeth are too big or small, crooked, yellowed, or stained? If so, then dental veneers may be the solution for you! Dental veneers are thin shell-like coverings that can be attached to your existing front teeth in order to improve their appearance. Before getting dental veneers in Northbrook, there are some questions that should be asked and answered.

What Is Your Budget For This Procedure?
The first question a person should ask is how much they’re willing to spend on this procedure. Each dental veneer treatment can cost between $600 and just over one thousand dollars, so the answer will vary depending upon what features are desired by each individual client, as well their budget restrictions or limitations.

How Much Discomfort Will You Experience During Treatment?
When it comes to dental veneers, discomfort is a very relative term. One person may experience minimal pain while another feels significant side effects during the procedure and for some time afterwards. It could take a few weeks until their mouth heals enough that they feel comfortable with eating foods again.

Will You Need Time Off Work While Recovering From the Procedure?
This varies from person to person and how long they may need time off work. It also depends on what type of job you have, like if there will be any restrictions in your duties while recovering. For example, with a customer service representative it would make sense that this individual take some days necessary before returning back to work. If you’re looking for a professional dentist providing dental veneers in Northbrook, be sure to visit Chicago Beautiful Smiles now.

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