Why a Dentist Would Recommend Custom Dental Night Guards in Vancouver, WA

After completing the examination, the dentist urges the client to be fitted for a night guard. At first, the patient balks. Is this approach really necessary? As the dentist will explain, Custom Dental Night Guards in Vancouver WA, provide several important benefits. Here are some examples.

Alleviating Stress on the Jaws

One of the issues that led to seeking help from the dentist was recurring headaches and pain in the jaw. The diagnosis of the dental professional is that clenching the teeth at night is placing additional stress on the jaw and setting in motion the development of a headache. Custom Dental Night Guards in Vancouver WA, provide the cushioning needed to ease the pressure and take stress off the jaws. Over time, this will allow the patient to sleep better and prevent the headaches from occurring.

Stop the Teeth Grinding

It is possible to grind the teeth at night and never realize what is happening. The signs are obvious to a dentist and will lead to recommending the use of a night guard as a way to prevent any more damage. In the long run, the cost of the guard will be much less than the expense of having to undergo several dental treatments to correct the damage done by that grinding.

Protect the Enamel

All that grinding does more than wear down the teeth. It also has an adverse impact on tooth enamel. The loss of enamel leaves the teeth exposed to more bacteria and increases the risk of decay developing. Any loss of enamel will also make the teeth more sensitive. Opting for a guard will protect the enamel which, in turn, helps to protect the teeth from more damage.

For anyone who wonders if a custom night guard is right for them, call the team at Lewis Family Dentistry today and arrange for a complete examination. If the condition of the teeth indicates that using a guard would be helpful, the dentist can make arrangements taking impressions and ordering the guard. While it may take a little while to get used to wearing it at night, the benefits will be worth the effort. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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