When Injuries Strike, You Need to See an Emergency Dentist in Easton PA

In the past, people were forced to go to the emergency room when their teeth were injured outside of normal dentist operating hours. Often, people would have to wait days before they could see a dentist and receive treatment for their pain. When the need for after-hour care was realized, many dental offices began opening emergency dental clinics. These clinics allow people to see the dentist even if they do not have an appointment, or it is outside normal business hours. With this information, people can discover what they can expect when they need treatment for an injured tooth.

When a person sees the emergency dentist in Easton PA, they will first be triaged so the dentist can determine what treatment they will need and how severe their injury is. People are seen according to how severe their dental condition so minor cases will always take a back seat to those that are more serious. Injuries are treated to stop the tooth damage and pain.

If a tooth is cracked or chipped, the dentist will work to stabilize the tooth and stop the progression of damage. The dentist will also make sure the damaged areas are sealed, so the nerve is not exposed. Nerve exposure can cause serious pain in a tooth. To stop the damage and seal the tooth, the dentist will use the same type of material that is used when filling a cavity. Most people find relief of their pain once their tooth has been cared for.

When a tooth is broken, the dentist will decide on whether or not it can be saved. If the break occurs above the gum line and does not run into the root, the tooth may be saved. With this type of tooth damage, the dentist will likely need to cover the tooth in a crown so no further damage occurs and the tooth looks more attractive.

If a tooth injury occurs, it is crucial a person sees the Emergency Dentist in Easton PA. Failure to act quickly could result in ongoing damage and increased pain. Those who are interested can contact us.

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