What Services Are Provided By A Dentist In Stuart?

by | Feb 16, 2017 | Dentistry

In Florida, dental patients seek the services of local dental professionals to gain better control over their oral care. Dentists can provide them with recommendations to address common issues that could threaten their teeth and gums. The dentists can also provide better assessments to identify underlying conditions that could hinder proper development of teeth. The following are details about the services provided by a Dentist in Stuart.

Managing the Development of Adult Teeth

The dentist provides services for children starting at age one. These biannual assessments present the dentist with the opportunity to manage the development of adult teeth. The dentist monitors the teeth for possible conditions that could cause the teeth to grow in odd directions. This could lead to more complex issues as the child grows older.

Addressing the Need for Braces

Teens may need braces to correct their alignment. The type of alignment issue determines the type of braces that are best for the patient. If the patient’s teeth are severely crowded or crooked, the dentist will recommend metal braces. Ceramic braces are an alternative to metal braces, however, they may be the best option initially. The dentist evaluates patient’s teeth as they progress through these services.

Surgical Procedures for Dental Patients

The dentist provides services such as wisdom teeth extractions and root canals. They perform wisdom teeth extractions when the tooth is impacted. This condition can present the patient with serious pain and a higher probability of an infection.

Root canals are performed when the tooth is damaged severely. The dentist removes the pulp and never inside the tooth. Next, they seal the tooth with a composite resin. The dentist may also install a crown to protect the tooth more effectively. This could also lower the risk of infection due to bacterial growth.

In Florida, dental patients acquire dental services to address infections, tooth damage, and to evaluate underlying conditions. A dentist can provide braces to correct alignment issues. They can also eliminate painful conditions such as impacted wisdom teeth. Patients who need the services provided by a Dentist in Stuart visit Aesthetic Dentistry of Stuart to schedule an appointment.

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