Using Dental Bridges in Salisbury NC for Achieving Smiles

A gap from missing teeth can be cute in young children but can cause problems later in life if the teeth do not regrow. With a gap, the neighboring teeth can shift out of place and will begin to wear down from overuse. This can affect the bite. A gap may also cause jaw pain and have the potential for gum disease as a gap allows for more plaque to grow.

One way to fix this problem is by seeing a cosmetic dentist and having a dental bridge placed. Dental bridges are the process of replacing one or multiple teeth by inserting an artificial tooth to fill the gap. They differ from dental implants in the way they are inserted. Implants replace the roots of the missing tooth along with the gap; a bridge simply fills the gap.

It is important to see a dentist who specializes in inserting Bridges in Salisbury NC to make sure the proper treatment plan is established. There are three common types of dental bridges. By consulting with your dentist, you will know what type of dental bridge will be appropriate.

* Fixed Bridges. A filled gap by connecting an artificial tooth between two crowns. The crowns act as a support for the bridge and are attached to the surrounding teeth.

* Maryland Bridges. This is used for front teeth due to not having a lot of pressure applied to them. They are fastened to the neighboring teeth by metal or porcelain wings.

* Cantilever Bridges. Similar to the Fixed Bridge but is only bonded to a single tooth rather than two.

Inserting a bridge can take multiple visits until the ultimate look is achieved. It is also considered a surgical procedure so the patient will undergo anesthesia on their gums to make sure they are completely numb. Once the numbing has taken effect, the process begins.

* Reshaping of Teeth. In order to make the bridge fit properly, the supporting teeth will need to be reshaped by removing a portion of enamel and dentin to make room.

* Impressions and Temporary Bridge. Impressions are made to serve as a model for fitting. The temporary bridge acts as a protector.

* Final Fitting and Placement. Once the temporary bridge is removed, the final fitting will place the new bridge.

The perfect smile for you is achievable with proper research and consultations. Contact us for more information on Bridges in Salisbury NC.

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