Uses of Cosmetic Dentistry in DC

by | May 30, 2017 | Cosmetic Dental Care, Dentistry

There are many different uses of cosmetic dentistry, and not all have to do with simply fixing the appearance of teeth for image related reasons. There are some problems that can only be solved using a cosmetic dentist’s help, and they are happy to help work through the options to find the best suited to your situation. Not only will you see immediate and lasting results, but their work should help you to feel more confident when showing off your smile in the near future.


Cosmetic dentistry in DC is commonly the source of teeth whitening procedures, and these offer a wide range of advantages to patients who utilize this option. For example, a whitening procedure can be done in one hour or less, which will make having the procedure done in the midst of a busy schedule easier and more feasible. Additionally, you can see whitening of up to eight shades, which will make your smile immediately brighter and more attractive.


One fast growing option for your Washington DC dentist is the dental implant, a permanent solution to tooth or teeth loss that is sweeping the nation. This procedure will see false teeth made to look, feel, and function the same way your natural teeth do without the frustration of denture adhesive. In fact, these are securely screwed into the jaw bone to create a lasting and reliable hold so you will be able to eat absolutely anything without the trouble or fear of the tooth sliding around.


Cosmetic dentistry is also the option required when a tooth or teeth are chipped, cracked, or broken. It is difficult and even painful to deal with a broken or chipped tooth, and could detract from a person’s confidence when smiling for those around them. However, veneers and other options can fix the issue without showing signs anything had been damaged at all, which should provide you with a significant amount of peace of mind.

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