Understanding More About Procedures And Periodontal Treatment In Glenview

by | Nov 30, 2016 | Dentistry

Dentistry takes on multiple forms and offers many specialties. For example, general dentists can handle a wide variety of options, but Periodontists are experts at periodontal disease and treatment in Glenview. In most cases, they must take three years of additional training before they’re allowed to work in their specialty. This means that they are more informed about periodontitis. Understanding more about treatments can help you understand more about what they do.


There are many non-surgical treatments available to treat periodontitis, including scaling, root planning, and tray delivery systems. Scaling and root planning ensure that the roots are clean to remove tartar and plaque from the pockets. Likewise, it will work to smooth the roots and remove toxins.

With trays, you get a custom-fit tray made from your mouth and use it at home to deliver the medications prescribed by the dentist. You can find a wide variety of medicines that work well for periodontal treatment in Glenview.

Lasers are another non-surgical method to treat gum disease and may be just as effective as planning and scaling.


Some people may require surgical procedures, including gum graft surgery, which covers exposed roots and can help you develop gum tissue in certain areas. You can also find a wide variety of plastic surgery options, which can fix an uneven gum line, gummy smile, long teeth, and more.


Regenerative procedures can be helpful to reverse some of the damage of lost tissue and bone and requires that the gum tissue be folded back and the bacteria removed. Other treatments can include dental implants, reduction procedures and more.

Periodontal treatment in Glenview can mean a variety of different options, depending on your needs. Visit Dental Specialists of South Loop & North Shore to learn more. Like us on our facebook page.

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