Understand How Your Tooth Extraction Will Be Carried Out By the Oral Surgeon in Mount Vernon IL

by | Apr 12, 2016 | Dental

When someone learns they need to have a tooth pulled; they can often feel overwhelmed. It is especially intimidating when one has never had a tooth pulled. Because of the many options with anesthesia, most people find the process is not nearly as bad as they were expecting. The Oral Surgeon in Mount Vernon IL works to make sure the patient is fully comfortable throughout the extraction process, so it goes as smoothly as possible.

A tooth may need to be extracted because of disease, spacing, or because it is not allowing an adult tooth to grow in properly. The first step the surgeon will need to take is deciding on the method of anesthesia that will be used. Most extractions are carried out under local anesthesia unless a person is having several teeth removed.

In some cases, a patient may also be given a sedative via an IV so they can stay relaxed.

The Oral Surgeon in Mount Vernon IL will remove the tooth by first creating an incision. While an incision may not be necessary for smaller incisors, it is crucial for large teeth such as the wisdom teeth which are sometimes difficult to remove. An incision helps to control the wound and prevents tearing so the tooth can be removed as easily as possible.

In some cases, bone tissue may be blocking a tooth. In the case of wisdom teeth, the roots can sometimes be wrapped around the jawbone. The goal of the surgeon is to remove the tooth as safely as possible, without causing any undue damage to the jawbone or other teeth in the area. This takes a concerted approach to ensure the patient’s oral health is protected.

Once the tooth has been removed, the dentist will decide whether stitches are needed or the wound can heal on its own. If stitches are not put in place, it is crucial one does not spit, suck on a straw, or smoke as these can all cause the clot to come loose which can slow the healing process.

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