Turn To A Cosmetic Dentist To Improve Your Smile

by | Oct 5, 2017 | Dentistry

There are many people that are afraid to smile openly, and when they do, they cover their mouth with their hand. These people are self-conscious due to the appearance of their teeth. If you are one of these people, a visit to Chicago cosmetic dentists will put an end to your concerns; you will be happy that you can smile once again without any fear of embarrassment.

A qualified cosmetic dentist can perform numerous procedures that are aimed at improving your smile and your overall appearance.

Cosmetic dental procedures:

A cosmetic dentist can perform numerous procedures, from subtle changes to major “smile makeovers.” All of these procedures are designed with one thought in mind; making you look and feel better.

Teeth whitening: Many people have stained or discolored teeth, this is either as a result of poor oral hygiene or the excessive consumption of beverages and foods such as coffee and tea. Smoking tobacco is also a cause of teeth stains. A cosmetic dentist, using a bleaching compound can remove the discoloration which results in whiter teeth.

Dental veneers: For those that have teeth which are chipped or cracked or their teeth have wide gaps between them or even slightly crooked; dental veneers are the solution. A veneer is a thin wafer of porcelain that is custom made to fit the front of teeth which have been suitably prepared. The veneers are fixed using an extremely strong resin bonding agent.

Invisible aligners: Many people, especially adults find it to be quite embarrassing to wear conventional metal braces. With the rapid advancements in dentistry, this is no longer a problem. Using a course of custom designed trays made from clear plastic, teeth can be straightened just as effectively as conventional braces without disturbing your facial esthetics.

These are only a small example of the procedures that Chicago cosmetic dentists can undertake. There are much more including dental bonding, crowns, gum shaping, dental implants, etc.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth there are numerous procedures that can be carried out by Chicago cosmetic dentists that will improve your smile. You are invited to make an appointment with Chicago Smile Design to discuss the available options.

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