The Family Dentist in West Fargo ND Can Save Your Tooth

When decay or an injury occurs, a person can end up suffering major tooth damage. It is important individuals seek immediate treatment from the Family Dentist in West Fargo ND. Seeking immediate treatment will help individuals to avoid ongoing damage that could end up destroying their tooth. With this information, individuals can learn how the dentist will repair their teeth when damages strike.

What Causes Tooth Damage?

When a tooth has decay, the decay begins to eat away at the tooth and can end up causing great damage. Eventually, this can lead to nerve exposure which can become extremely painful.

Tooth injuries can also cause major damage to a tooth. Once a tooth has been damaged, it is more vulnerable to further damage. The sooner a person seeks tooth repair, the better the outcome.

Common reasons for tooth damage include blunt force trauma, injuries during chewing, and assault. When someone’s teeth are damaged, they need to seek immediate treatment from the Family Dentist in West Fargo ND.

How Does the Dentist Treat Damaged Teeth?

No matter the type of damage, the dentist will repair it in much the same way. The dentist will remove any crumbling or decayed areas and will smooth down the damage as much as possible.

The filling material is used to repair the damage, whether it was from decay or a tooth injury. Fillings are important for two reasons. First, a filling helps to seal the tooth so the nerve is not exposed. Secondly, the tooth will also be stabilized by the filling. The filling makes the tooth stronger, so it is less likely to become damaged again in the future.

With prompt dental care, a tooth can be saved so it will not die and need to be extracted. If a person waits too long to seek treatment, they could end up losing their tooth.

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