The Family Dentist in Oyster Bay NY Will Treat Your Cavity and Stop the Pain

When tooth pain occurs, there can be several reasons. The most common reason is cavities. When a cavity is present, the tooth pain a person is feeling will continue to worsen as it progresses. Cavities can quickly destroy a tooth and may even spread to other teeth. In severe cases of cavities, the decay can end up leading to gum infections. The sooner a cavity is treated, the less likely permanent damages will occur. The Family Dentist in Oyster Bay NY can provide prompt treatment for cavities and stop the pain and other annoying symptoms they cause.

If a person has a cavity, they may notice these symptoms:

 *    Pain

 *    Sensitivity

 *    Difficulty chewing

 *    White or dark spots on the tooth

Those experiencing any of these symptoms need to see the Family Dentist in Oyster Bay NY right away. The dentist will first need to diagnose the tooth to discover what is causing the pain and rule out any injuries. With an examination, the dentist can often learn if the tooth is being damaged by decay. In most cases, a dentist will also take an X-ray so the degree of the cavity’s severity can be found.

To fix a cavity, the dentist first removes as much of the decayed tooth tissue as possible. If too much tissue has been damaged, the tooth may need to be extracted. The dentist can often save teeth that are not decayed below the gumline. Once the decayed tooth tissue has been removed, the tooth will then need to be filled. Fillings not only cover the openings left behind in the tooth, but they also make the tooth stronger, so it is less likely to become damaged.

Once a filling is in place, it can protect the tooth up to ten years, depending on the type. If you believe you may have a cavity, it is crucial you see the dentist right away for treatment. For more information, visit the website. Contact Locust Valley Dental Group and ask them to schedule you an appointment right away so your teeth can be examined and your condition properly treated so your oral health is protected.

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