Eliminate Gaps and Missing Teeth Using Dental Implants in Las Vegas

by | Mar 22, 2016 | Dentist

Improving a smile can be a lot of work and usually requires a number of steps if any repairs are required. Unfortunately, there are situations where simple repairs are out of the question because of issues such as caries (cavities) or missing teeth. A cavity eats away at the enamel and dentin of the tooth until there is not enough left to repair. This generally means that the tooth will need to be extracted. Dentists prefer to avoid this situation because it leaves a gap between teeth that causes other issues.

For example, gaps between molars can allow the other chewing teeth to shift position. This makes them loose, crooked, and more prone to damage. Dental Implants in Las Vegas can help eliminate this concern by implanting an artificial stud in the jawbone and securing a crown to it. Of course, things are a little more complex than that.

Implants are a great option if the jawbone can support the stress. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready for Dental Implants in Las Vegas. In fact, some candidates may need a little extra work such as bone grafts to strengthen the jawbone before the process begins. This is often a necessary procedure because the mass of the jawbone can decrease over time, and a weak jaw could fracture if there is not enough bone to support the anchor.

One interesting use of dental implants is to have an expert such as Desert Breeze Dental use them as an anchor for a prosthetic. For instance, the implanted studs can be used to secure a bridge in lieu of earlier methods that ground away portions of the tooth or teeth chosen for this job. Filing and grinding the tooth removes enamel, and this makes them susceptible to decay.

Using implants to anchor one or both dental plates may be the best option for those folks that don’t like denture adhesives. This can be especially useful when these patients age and the dentures begin to slip. One of the downsides to wearing dentures is a loss of gum tissue, and this is often aggravated by loose dentures. If it is time to think about tooth extraction, bridges, or dentures, it may also be time to think about long-term solutions. Please click here to learn more about how dental implants can make life a little easier.

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