The Dentists in Kona Can Successfully Treat Gum Disease

Outside of cavities, gum disease is one of the biggest threats to a person’s smile health. When someone is suffering from gum disease, it can sometimes affect the health of their smile for life. In some cases, this disease can become so severe it causes a person to begin losing their teeth. When gum disease goes untreated, it can eventually affect the health of the heart. The Dentists in Kona have a treatment plan that can stop gum disease in its tracks.

The first step in the treatment of gum disease is a full examination. The dentist will need to make sure the infection has not spread to any of the teeth and will need to know how severe it has become. The most common treatment for gum disease is antibiotic therapy. Antibiotics are sometimes applied directly to the gums and taken orally to ensure the infection is brought under control.

The Dentists in Kona may also carry out a deep cleaning treatment that works on removing infection and pus from the gum pockets. It is crucial this process is carried out in addition to antibiotic therapy to ensure the infection is brought fully under control. Failure to control the infection will lead to continued and progressive damage. Root scaling is often done to stop the threat of the disease to the teeth.

In severe cases, a person may need to have their pockets sutured tighter around their teeth, so the teeth are not in danger of falling out. In some cases, lasers can be used to tighten the gum tissue, so the teeth are not in danger. Ongoing treatment is often needed to ensure the infection remains under control so the patient can have a healthy smile and avoid further complications from occurring.

If you are dealing with the signs of gum disease, the dentist can help. For more information, Click Here and visit the site of Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S. They can provide you with the full dental care you are in need of so your oral health is protected. Call their office today and ask for an appointment to have your gums checked.

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