The Dentists in Anne Arundel Can Replace Missing Teeth

by | Feb 15, 2016 | Dental

Though there are many cosmetic concerns a person can face, one of the most difficult to overcome is missing teeth. Missing teeth not only present a cosmetic concern, but they also cause functional issues. When there are not ample teeth in the mouth, chewing can become difficult and even impossible. Missing teeth can cause shifts in remaining teeth and prevent the normal closure of the jaw. The Dentists in Anne Arundel have a permanent solution for missing teeth. They can replace teeth with dental implants anywhere in the mouth, so the smile is made fully complete.

When patients see the Dentists in Anne Arundel for dental implants, they first go through a full examination to make sure their jawbone is strong enough for implants and their health is good. Those with certain health conditions or a lack of bone mass in the jaw are not good candidates for dental implants and would most likely need to turn to dentures or bridges to replace their teeth.

Dental implants require a surgery to be put in place. The surgery is carried out in the dental office and is done under local or general anesthesia, depending on how many teeth are being put in place. One or two teeth rarely require full sedation but a full mouth replacement does. It is important the patient is fully numb, so they do not feel any pain as they have their surgery.

An implant consists of three parts that form one piece once they are assembled. The titanium anchor is the first to be put in because it goes down in the jawbone to form the artificial root. Once in place, this implant is topped with an abutment so the artificial tooth can be put on top. This completes the tooth replacement procedure and allows a person’s mouth to be complete.

If you are missing some of your natural teeth, there is now a viable option for replacing them permanently. Contact Annapolis Dental Associates so they can schedule you for your consultation appointment right away. Through a thorough examination and consultation, you can learn more about this procedure and whether or not you will be a good candidate.

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