Not the Average General Dentist in St George UT

The average General Dentist in St George UT will have a traditional office set up. Chairs will be comfortable and functional, services will be professional, and fees will be reasonable. There will be a dental hygienist for cleanings, modern equipment for x-rays and procedures, and a nice reception area. Staff will be friendly, services offered will be comprehensive, and routine oral care will ensure a white smile. That is what most people still expect from a dentist.

There are some dentists that think the interaction should be more positive, encouraging, and pleasant. Taking away some of the anxiety and dread of going to see a General Dentist in St George UT is the goal of some practices. Patients will not neglect routine exams and cleaning, and will not hesitate to make appointments at the first sign of pain or a problem. That all leads to better oral health and less expenses for patients.

Light and airy reception areas, for example, help patients feel welcome. Waiting rooms with coffee or soft drinks, comfortable seating, and a fun area for kids, makes wait times go faster, and engages children so they are not thinking about the appointment. Some practices, like Hatch & Jeppson Dental, for example, have increased the fun and engagement of children to include live reptiles in their waiting room. Dental chairs that offer a massage, wide open bays, and movies or music with wireless headphones, help patients relax during procedures.

Many general dentists also offer other services to make procedures and total oral care more convenient for patients. Sedation options, the latest cosmetic procedures, restorative dentistry, like implants and crowns, and professional whitening treatments are also offered. Patients can have all their needs met in a place where they feel welcomed, comfortable, and relaxed.

Keeping fees affordable is also a goal so regular care is not out of financial reach for patients without insurance. Payment plans and financing are offered to allow patients to pay for more complicated, yet necessary procedures. Dental practices are providing services and environments that are way above average in an effort to improve the health of their patients

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