Staining Items that Can Be Improved with a Teeth Cleaning in Austin, TX

by | Aug 8, 2016 | Dentist

A good cleaning can improve the appearance in the mirror and in pictures. Not only is there an improvement in color, teeth can feel healthier after an appointment. These are a few different items contributing to discoloration of the teeth. A good cleaning can help to get rid of these stains.

Coffee is considered a morning necessity for many individuals. A cup of coffee also provides a pickup during the day. Drinking coffee can create brown stains on the teeth. These stains can become set in and be difficult to get rid of with whitening toothpaste. A Teeth Cleaning in Austin TX can remove the brown stains associated with a regular coffee routine. This can restore the appearance and brightness of the smile.

Another staining element is tea. Like coffee, the brown liquid will cause the same kind of deep set in stains. Regular drinkers will experience worse stains than the occasional drinker. However, any type of exposure can cause the staining liquid to soak into the teeth. Removal can be somewhat difficult because of regular exposure to the staining liquid. This type of staining is usually associated with black teas rather than green teas.

Tobacco usage is considered a nasty habit. Any of type of tobacco use will result in staining. Chewing provides a direct exposure to the chemicals which can result in instantaneous stains. Smoke also contains chemicals which can turn teeth brown and dirty. Often, these stains persist even after a good brushing with toothpaste. A Teeth Cleaning in Austin TX can help get rid off much of the staining associated with this habit. Unfortunately, the staining will continue for as long as the habit is maintained. After quitting the habit, a cleaning will help erase some of the signs of damage.

A regular teeth cleaning will help retain the appearance of the teeth and can drastically increase self-esteem. Coffee, tea and tobacco can all contribute to discoloration. While these habits are a part of the lifestyle, a cleaning can help eradicate some of the staining occurring. For more information or to schedule an appointment for a cleaning, check out.

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