Dentists in Anne Arundel Help Patients Manage Teeth Grinding

by | Aug 16, 2016 | Dentist

Information from dental practitioners indicates that teeth grinding is a more prevalent problem than it used to be. It seems that people, in general, have more stressful lives, whether this is due to financial problems, family issues, job difficulties, or some other reasons. The evidence of continued uncontrolled teeth grinding can be seen by Dentists in Anne Arundel when patients come in for a checkup. The friction is harmful to teeth as it wears the enamel.

Some individuals habitually grind their teeth when they’re working at the computer, reading, or watching TV. Others only do this in their sleep as a completely involuntary action. People may not be aware that they regularly do this activity until someone else mentions it. The friction of the teeth rubbing together makes noise, which is especially noticeable when another person in the otherwise-quiet room is trying to sleep. Another sign, which the individual may discover without being told about the teeth grinding, is jaw pain in the morning. If the problem continues for a long time, the dental patient may even be able to see the effects on the teeth. That’s an alarming sight, and it may send the patient to a clinic such as Annapolis Dental Associates for assistance. Click Here for information on this clinic.

Dentists in Anne Arundel can help their teeth-grinding patients with customized mouth guards to wear during sleep. These devices don’t stop the grinding, but they protect the teeth from the effects. The patient must be vigilant about keeping that device in the mouth, as it’s common for people to remove it while sleeping without even realizing they did so. The next time the person wakes up, perhaps to make a bathroom trip, putting the device back in the mouth is essential. A newer type of equipment is being offered by some clinics, which is actually intended to stop the grinding activity altogether. Stress-busting strategies also can help. The individual will need to recognize the level of stress he or she is under and find ways to relax. Getting plenty of exercise, meditating, listening to favorite music, and indulging in massage therapy are possibilities.

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