Restore That Smile With Dental Implants in Ypsilanti, MI

by | Apr 25, 2017 | Dentistry

There are many things that can affect one’s smile, but missing teeth often cause the most harm. A single missing tooth can open up space that all the remaining teeth can shift into. Even worse, once the teeth are loose enough to move they become susceptible to other problems such as decay. Thankfully, a solution to this problem is available in the form of Dental Implants in Ypsilanti MI. An implant is an artificial root made from an inert material, typically titanium. Single implants are covered with a porcelain crown or the anchor can be used to secure certain dental appliances.

One of the more important considerations with dental implants is the strength of the bone that holds the anchor. Thin bone tissue can break so the dentist will need to take steps to avoid any potential issues. One of these steps is bone grafts. A bone graft uses thin layers of donor bone placed over the area that will hold the anchor. Donor tissue can come from other areas of the body or even another portion of the jaw. One drawback with bone grafting is that the implant process will take longer. The grafts will need to fuse together before any other work is done.

Dental implants in Ypsilanti MI come in two basic types. The first uses a larger stud and requires surgical implantation. This procedure can be performed in the dental office, but most general dentists recommend an oral surgeon. The healing time for the implant can be as long as six months. However, the anchor is extremely secure and provides a great way to support large crowns or dental bridges. The second type of implant uses a thin stud and can be placed in the dental office. The dentist will drill a thin hole in the gum and bone tissue and then quickly insert the anchor. The final step in either process is to secure a porcelain crown to the abutment. Implants may also be used to secure bridges or dentures. It takes two studs to anchor a bridge and at least four for each denture. Get more details from the experts at Washtenaw General Dentistry Associates.

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