Reasons for an Emergency Dentist in Providence RI

Services of an Emergency Dentist in Providence RI can help a patient relieve pain, save a tooth, and prevent any further decay or damage. There are several reasons teeth crack, break, have a filling dislodge, loosen, or come out completely. Trauma, for example, from an accident, a fall, a sports injury, or a fight, can result in an avulsed tooth, which is the medical term for a tooth that has been knocked out of the mouth.

Delay in getting that treated will result in a great deal of pain, swelling, and losing the tooth. Infection, decay, and shifting of surrounding teeth may also result if treatment is not completed immediately. Patients who experience a tooth being knocked out can take some steps to help save the tooth while arranging to see the Emergency Dentist in Providence RI.

Picking the tooth up by the cap, not the root, and placing it in milk is the best thing to do. If milk is not available, place it into a small container or plastic bag with some saliva. Bring it along to the dentist. It may be possible to place it back in the socket and support it permanently in place. If the tooth cannot be saved, an implant will have to go into the space to keep the other teeth aligned, avoid loss of bone mass, and prevent infection or decay in the vacant space.

Causes of broken, loose, or cracked teeth can be grinding of the teeth, poor dental health, or biting into a hard object, among others. Grinding of teeth can be avoided with a mouth guard, provided by the dentist. That condition, also called TMJ, will also result in the shifting of teeth, wearing down of the top of the teeth, or a misalignment of the bite.

Seeking treatment at the first sign of these symptoms may prevent teeth from breaking or cracking at all. Experienced dentists, such as those found at Atwill-Conroy Dental Associates, for example, will be able to diagnose grinding of teeth, as well as help patients, maintain excellent oral health. That will keep teeth strong and white, and help avoid decay and infections.

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