Questions and Answers About Restorative Dentistry In Fishers IN

Many individuals in Fishers often have the need to visit a dentist for restorative dental procedures. By performing this type of procedure, dentists can repair and restore a person’s tooth so that it functions normally. Read the questions and answers below to learn more about restorative dentistry in Fishers IN.

What are some of the restorative dentistry procedures that dentists perform?

There are numerous restorative procedures that are customarily performed by a dentist. Minor procedures include filling a tooth, veneers and root canal therapy. Dentists also perform root scaling and planing on individuals who have gum disease to restore the gums back to a healthy state.

Major types of restorative procedures include a tooth crown, which covers a damaged tooth. Dentists can construct a dental bridge for individuals who have a tooth that’s missing. Individuals who have several missing teeth often benefit from dental implants, which is a major restorative procedure that requires surgery to place the implants.

What is the best type of restorative procedure for individuals?

The right kind of restorative dental procedure depends on the specific tooth issue of the individual. After an examination, the dentist will recommend the various types of procedures that are available to restore the tooth. After consulting with the dentist, individuals will have the information they need to choose the best type of procedure for their particular situation.

What are the benefits of having a restorative dentistry procedure?

Individuals who have a tooth issue greatly benefit from restorative procedures because the tooth will be saved and it will function properly. While extracting a damaged tooth is always an option, it’s always better to save the tooth whenever it’s possible. Once a tooth is missing, the other teeth will lean into the open space and eventually become loose.

When several teeth are missing, it can become difficult for individuals to eat. Having a dentist perform restorative dentistry in Fishers IN also benefits individuals so they can chew their food better and eat more of a variety of foods.

Individuals in Fishers who need restorative dental procedures can contact Moore-Berry Dentistry. This dental clinic provides full dentistry services for every member of the family. Browse our website to learn about cosmetic dentistry, bonding, veneers, teeth whitening and dental implants.

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