Gum Disease Symptoms that Indicate a Trip to a Dentist in Rosemount MN

by | Dec 28, 2016 | Dental

When people think of oral health, they usually imagine clean, white teeth. Too many times, however, people tend to forget about the health of their gum tissue. When the gums become inflamed, it may lead to early tooth loss. There are many warning signs to be on the lookout for that may be indicators of early gum disease. Anyone who is experiencing any of the following symptoms should have their gums evaluated by a Dentist in Rosemount MN.

Bleeding When Brushing

It is never normal for gum tissue to bleed. People who notice bleeding when they are brushing their teeth may have gingivitis, an early stage of gum disease. This ailment can be easily treated by a local Dentist in Rosemount MN. Gingivitis is cause by bacteria. When the bacteria is given the opportunity to thrive, it begins to erode away the gum tissue. Bleeding is often the first indicator of gingivitis.

Bad Breath After Brushing

Everyone gets a bad breath on occasion. Certain foods or a dry mouth can contribute to unpleasant breath. It is usually remedied by brushing the teeth. However, when brushing isn’t enough to correct halitosis, it may be a sign of gum disease. Bacteria growing on the gums produces a foul aroma, resulting in bad breath. If toothpaste and mouthwash don’t fix the situation, it’s time to schedule an appointment at Dakota Dental & Implant Center.

Red Gum Tissue

Healthy gums are bright pink in color and firm in texture. Teeth rely on healthy gum tissue to hold them in place. If the gum tissue becomes inflamed, however, it will turn a dark red. The gums may even feel sore or sensitive. If a patient notices a change in the appearance of their gum tissue, it’s important to schedule an exam right away. Even if only one area of the gum tissue is red, it should be checked out by a dentist.

Anyone who notices a change in their gum tissue should make an appointment with their dentist. Bleeding when brushing, constant bad breath and red gums are all warning signs of early gum disease. If treated early, gum disease is often reversible. Visit the website to learn how to properly care for your gum tissue on a daily basis.

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