All About a Dental Crown

A Dental Crown is a cap retainer that is placed over a tooth to cover it so it looks better. It is properly shaped, strengthened and sized like a real tooth. When a crown completely covers the entire tooth, it is rarely noticeable. Why would a person need a dental crown? Some certain situations require the placement of dental crowns?

One of the situations includes restoring a severely damaged tooth or a “demolished” tooth. It can also be used to hold together a cracked tooth or protect a weak tooth. When there is a broken tooth, it helps to support and cover its filling. It can also help fit a dental bridge in place. A discolored or ugly tooth can be restored to its former glory with the help of a Dental Crown. If you have a dental implant, a crown will help cover it. People can also notice a massive cosmetic change.

Dental crowns for children are also beneficial because it can be used on primary teeth. This means a crown can save a severely broken tooth caused by decay that cannot support a filling. Crowns can help a child who is not participating routine cleaning too. A crown can help protect their teeth from high-risk types of dental decay.

There are many materials that go into making a permanent dental crown, including ceramic, stainless steel, alloy, resin, gold or porcelain bonded to metal. For temporary measures, dentists may want to use stainless steel crowns on permanent teeth. This helps protect the tooth or its filling while another material is used for a permanent crown. A stainless steel crown is usually used on children when dentists need to place a crown on a primary tooth.

Dental crown metals such as gold, nickel, palladium, and chromium require less tooth structure to be removed, which helps keep tooth wear to a minimum. Metal crowns withstand a person’s chewing and biting force very well, as this allows a crown (and its subsequent tooth) to last longer. In fact, crowns are rarely chipped or damaged. The main problem, for most people, is its cosmetic issues. For more information, visit us today.

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